I was blown away when I found Dorothy McGuinness‘ work. She creates these beautiful sculptures out of watercolor paper painted with acrylic paint, and waxed linen.

Photography © Dorothy McGuinness ↓


Her incredible journey started when she took a basket making class in 1987. It was called Creative Basket Making. Dorothy thought that it would be a fun craft to learn. She was hooked.


In the artist’s own words: “I am intrigued by the potential outcome of any new design. The evolution of my body of work is built on taking risks, and avoiding the “known”.


“The risks offer challenges, which often lead to new directions. This is the excitement that keeps me working in a repetitive medium: it is an on-going meditation on improvisation, a continual experiment through which my work can progress and develop.”


Dorothy’s work in paper is the perfect example of how far you can take a material if you take risks and avoid the known, as she says. She is a true inspiration to me.




 I invite you to visit Dorothy’s website to see more of her remarkable work.



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