Intuition: “ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning”


Understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight seemingly independent of previous experiences or empirical knowledge.


We know what intuition is because we experience it often. My intuition has become sharper since I became a mother. I can feel my children’s needs deep inside me, it is like an invisible thread that keeps  me connected to them.


 One day when I was a little girl my Mom woke me up at night screaming, I didn’t understand why. She kept saying: let’s go upstairs to see your sister, something has happened to her, I just know! I just know!


I ran upstairs with my Mom to the small room where my sister was living at the time. When we opened the door we saw my sister on the floor, unconscious. Once again she had tried to take her life.


Those who deal with a case of Schizophrenia in the family know how devastating something like this is. The fact that my sister needed our protection all the time developed that 6th sense in each member of our family but specially in my Mom. My Mom’s connection with my sister has always been extremely strong and her intuition saved my sister’s life that night .


The paper piece in the photos was inspired by that magic thread that keeps us connected to the people that we love the most and I want to dedicate it to my sister Ileana who has been fighting a hard battle with Schizophrenia since she was very young.
The human mind is a complex, mysterious and intricate place and those of us who don’t have to fight a unfair mental illness should never take it from granted. The most precious thing that we have is our mind.
Lots of love to you my friend and have a wonderful weekend!
Elsita 🙂