Bernadete Fiorini is a dear friend of mine from Minas Gerais, Brazil. I love her and her family very much.  Here is a post that I wrote about their one-of-a-kind truck.

Bernadete’s makes these beautiful paper sculptures with a method that she teaches through workshops. Her interest in paper started when she was a little girl. Seeing her grandmother decorate her kitchen with strips of cut paper was delighting and almost magic to the little girl. At age 4 Bernadete got sick with hepatitis, it was during that period when her Mom gave her paper and a pair of scissors to keep her entertained . That time marked the beginning of a passion that have only grown over the years. Decorating with paper used to be a common practice in Brazil, specially in the poorest homes, but somehow the tradition started disappearing. Bernadete decided to do something in order to revive this tradition. A round of applause for Bernadete!

Photos @ Bernadete Fiorini ↓






Here are some photos from Bernadete’s workshops. Notice the paper scarfs that everybody is wearing in one of the photos. So cool! Paper scarfs!



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