Artist Emmanuel Jose has created every element of this breathtaking deck entirely by hand. He did not use digital software, or pen and ink. Every number, letter, pip, and image was made from hand-cut paper. Emmanuel created 1 card per week for an entire year to finish the complete deck.




Known as a “transformation” deck, this style of art has been around for years. The artwork speaks for itself, and each card stands on its own merits. The back design features scissors, hinting at the method used to create this masterwork. The entire deck has a black, white, and red color scheme, which extends to the striking tuck box.


These cards are a limited edition and are flying away from the shop, the price is only $7.95. If you want to purchase them just click HERE. They make wonderful gifts.


For a chance to win a beautiful deck of these cards, simply leave a comment below. I will announce the winner next Monday, December 17, 2012

Good luck!


Click HERE to see the whole set.

Click HERE to see a video.

Visit Emmanuel’s website HERE.