This is one of the last papercuts that I made in 2008 and it turns around a theme that I revisit over and over:

brain and heart 960

The balance between brain and heart.

Body 960

I think that most of us are looking for that balance all the time.

1 detail

But in the end that ideal place is hard to reach.

3 detail

Because human nature tends to go to the extremes.

2 detail

I think that what really matters in the end is the constant intention to find the center and not the center itself. It is the exercise of thinking and feeling what keeps us going. Let’s leave our heart and brain have their own particular dynamic because together they are good at keeping us motivated and alive.

All these thoughts came from talking with my Mom, she is finally here from Florida giving me a hand. I am so happy to have her around, she always brings that sense of comfort that every daughter/son needs once in a while.

I wish you a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Elsita :)


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