Book 2 copy


In this post I promised to let you know about the progress of the books that I was designing covers for.

Book 6 copy

Today I am extremely excited to announce the birth of one of them titled:  PAPER CUTTING. Contemporary Artists. Timeless Craft. I’m extremely honored to be also in the content of this book, with a group of my favorite paper artists from all over the world.

Book 5 copy

Matthew Sporzynski.

This is a great inspiring book for anybody who loves paper. Or for people who want to enjoy a visual feast (lots of color photographs) by looking at the different approaches to paper by artists from all over the world. This is a book for the papercut artist of the feature as well. It will convince you of trying your hands into such a wonderful art form.

Book 3 copy

Matthew Sporzynski.

I wish that I had this book back when I was a total beginner and was desperate trying to find a special book with beautiful papercuts to get inspired. This is not a how-to book but it will give you a clear idea of what you can do with paper as a creative person. There is content for every kind of sensibility. Below I scanned a page that shows you the list of artists.

Book artist's list

Book 4 copy

Su Blackwell.

I want to thank Chronicle Books for making of this book a reality. Special thanks to visionary Laura Heyenga for all the hard work. Thanks a lot also to Rob Ryan for the beautiful preface (he’s a real poet) and to Natalie Avella for the thoughtful and wonderful introduction.

Book 9

Mia Pearlman.

Big thanks to each one of the artists that contributed to the book with their beautiful photographs. And a very big thank you to Brooke Johnson for the easy communication, attention to detail and hard work in the process of making sure that this book was a special one.

Book 7

 Elsa Mora (me)

Book 8

Peter Callesen.

The designers River Jukes-Hudson and Matthew Boyd have also a huge part in this group effort, thanks a lot for the long hours spent designing this baby.

I hope that you enjoy it!

Elsita 🙂

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