I was thrilled when Dean Blackwood from Revenant Records invited me to be part of an extraordinary project this year.  Revenant is a Grammy-winning record label based in Austin, Texas, formed in 1996 by John Fahey and Dean Blackwood. One of Revenant’s hallmarks is elaborate packaging, usually for large box sets of recordings.

This year Revenant joined Jack White and his Third Man Records on an ambitious project devoted to recordings issued by the Paramount label from 1917 to 1932. Revenant’s task was to come out with a unique way to present those musical treasures. Watch the 1-minute-40-second movie on the bottom for more info.

My modest part in this project was an accordion book of cut paper designs featuring some of the artists included in the collection. The book is a laser-cut limited edition. An exclusive “detail” to be included in the Wonder-Cabinet of some special music collectors out there. Here it is:








Below is the incredible Wonder-Cabinet that Revenant designed. An exquisite wooden box containing “real gold”. This is the first time that the recordings and the material inside this box become available. I want to thank my right arm for serving as a size-reference in the picture.


Open sesame!


The interior of the box is lined with green velvet.


I have spent a great amount of time enjoying the material inside and listening to the music.






It is all in the details.


The fanciest USB  device that I have ever seen is included in the box.


But this is only ‘Volume One,’ which covers the label’s improbable rise from 1917-1927. It was released exclusively through Third Man on October 29, and it will be available worldwide on November 19. ‘Volume 2’ will be released in November of 2014.

Volume one is not cheap, but the price is absolutely fair for what the product is. This volume gives us not only visual and tactile satisfaction, but 800 songs! A year has 365 days, which means that we can spend 2 years and 70 days listening to a new song a day. Special thanks to my calculator for doing the math.

Many thanks to Revenant Records, Third Man and Paramount Records for the love and effort that went into the making of this Wonder-Cabinet. A very special place in the podium of honor goes to the amazing team of creative people behind the scenes, particularly to Dean Blackwood for his endless passion, exquisite taste and natural gift for leading and inspiring others.

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