One of the questions that I get asked most frequently is: What type of paper do you recommend for papercutting?

As a general rule I recommend any paper that is ph neutral or acid-free, both terms mean the same thing. That is to make sure that your artwork has a long and healthy life if you’re looking for archival quality. I also recommend to be curious and experiment with the endless variety of papers out there. They come in tons of colors, weights, and finishes.  But for most of the work that I have done with paper so far, I have used Canson. I specially like their  Mi-Teintes line.


When I first started preparing for my upcoming papercutting workshop in Philadelphia, I wondered if we were going to be able to provide our students with the right type of paper. The answer is yes! Canson was generous enough to send us all the paper that we needed for the workshop, and for that I want yo send a big THANK YOU to Canson. And also to Krissa from The Makerie, who contacted them. Below is the box that I received with the anticipated treasure.




The Mi-Teintes line comes in 5 different color packs. You can see some of the colors below ↓





They arrived in 19″ x 25″ sheets, but I cut them into 8.5″ x 11″ ones, to fit the patterns that I have prepared for my students.


If I had to be more specific about what is it that I like so much about Canson’s Mi-Teintes line  of papers, I would list 5 main reasons:

  1. It is acid-free.
  2. I love the great variety of colors.
  3. I like the textured surface on one of the sides.
  4. I appreciate the convenient weight → 98 lb/160 g. (Not too thin, nor too thick. My hand doesn’t have to make a great effort to cut it).
  5. And I also appreciate the fact that I can order it online.

But I also have a question for Canson: Where can I buy rolls of this paper in different colors?

I was able to find black and white, but I haven’t been able to find any of the other colors so far. Different artists have sent me emails asking the same question. If I find a way to order those rolls somewhere, I will update this post later on with the information.

Now I need to keep getting ready for my upcoming workshop! Below is the information if you want to join us:


When: The weekend of April 16-17, 2016

Where: Philadelphia. At the URBN Campus. (Home of the brands that we love: Anthropologie, BHLDN, Free People, terrain and Urban Outfitters).

Organizers: The Makerie & SweetPaul Magazine

More details: HERE

This event is organized as a retreat with different workshops for the students to enjoy. Mine is one of them.

See all the other workshops HERE.

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