Have you seen those YouTube videos of timid people surprising everyone with their powerful singing voices? Paper is a bit like them. An unassuming and humble material with the potential to blow your mind. This blog is here to showcase some of the fascinating things that artists and makers from around the world are creating with paper. 

I started exploring paper as a medium in 2007. What I have learned from this material is that you can always push it a little farther. Like when you’re raising kids and think that you are too tired to keep going, but somehow continue to surprise yourself by doing more than you thought was possible.

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  1. Lynn Stanley

    Please send me updates on new posts. Thanks!

  2. Mirarte Erlely

    Hello, I could not download the Frida pattern. Is it possible to send me bij email please??

  3. Lorrie

    I’d like to receive your blog, please.


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