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Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in Blog, Three-Dimensional | 28 comments

Paper Fur :)

Paper Fur :)

Bunny1 copy

Hand small

I love the way the “fur” came out in this piece.

Bunny bird copy

 I had to pock soooooooo many little holes on the paper to create this effect!


But I am happy that I did it. I think that it adds so much dimension to the surface.

Bunny black 1 small

The two pictures above make me smile 🙂

Because the tiny illuminated freckles remind me of Christmas!

Yay!! They make me really happy 🙂

Frame small

This piece is beautifully framed and available for purchase on my Etsy store.

The paper is not glued to the background, instead, it’s suspended between two pieces

of glass to create the shadows.

It looks really special in person 🙂

SOLD OUT (Thank you!)

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  1. oh wow, what a great idea. Love it!

  2. so out of this world beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! The little holes really turn it into a sculpture.

  4. This is lovely indeed. There is a side for smooth and calm, and one for prickly fur, depending on your mood.

  5. That’s soooo beautiful!
    Well, actually all your papercuttings are beautiful, gorgeous, etc, etc, etc… But this fur detail is awesome!

  6. Wonderfully creative texture…love it!!!!!

  7. What a nice piece! Your papercuts are lovely.
    Poking holes does take a long time. I’ve been doing pinhole (my word for) historically called pinprick art for ten years. 🙂

  8. WOW!

  9. That’s gorgeous! It’s delicate, intricate and really exquisite! Congratulations!

  10. Your cut-paper art is completely *stunning*!! I’m so happy to get to see the beauty and intricacy that is your artwork. 😉

  11. This paper craft is gorgeous!! I can only imagine how much time it took to create those tiny holes. Like you said, it was well worth it. I can see why this one sold out. Beautiful design.

  12. this piece is incredibly wonderful!!

  13. WOW! these are INCREDIBLE.. you are VERY talented and they’re so cute!!! <3

  14. Simply beautiful … Lovely creative adaptation/Thank You for sharing

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