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  1. this is SO stunning. my eye’s can’t stop drinking in all the details.

  2. thought I really loved the one from the other day, but this one is AMAZING. (especially love the red and the color paper used for skin tones)

  3. A lot of things is not as easy as it seems, only can do is original himself.

  4. delightful… no se si exciste en español una palabra para traducir “delightful” Elsi!!!!
    Beso gigante!!!

  5. Wow. Truly amazing. I am amazed to see the efforts put together by the author in making this article alive. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow.. I like this beautiful post. It says hidden meanings. This blog is great for anyone who wants to understand this subject more. This is great stuff.

  7. Hi Robert,Yes, we have an assortment of . On the right hand mculon, under Place Order, Select Type, click Text Paper. This will reveal just the text weight sheets. Currently, we only have metallic paper available in 12 x 12 text weight sheets. They are sold in 50 packs.If you would like smooth, matte finish sheets, we may be able to custom cut for you. Please call us so we can go over the possibilities.

  8. Saturday is better than Sundays for raereds because you can read it over two days, and better for advertisers because people have two days instead of one to shop for whatever you are selling (or one day rather than none for things like cars that you can’t buy on Sunday in Montreal). When I lived in the US, I would pick up the early edition of Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer on Saturday morning, so really there isn’t much difference between the way it works there and here, except that if you wait until Sunday you can get a Sunday paper with bit of fresh news and sports coverage.

  9. are wonderful!!it’s great!!get these you’ll be in like!!!!!

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